5 Ecommerce Milestones You Need to Know About

Ecommerce has changed the world of business. They are making store fronts obsolete and changing the very way we shop. It has been the most disruptive tech in the commerce industry for ages and is changing the face of the commerce industry.

Gone are the days where you would go to the mall for your Sunday shopping. Everybody prefers to sit in the comfort of their couch and click to make their shopping happen. And wait while they watch their favorite shows while the powers of ecommerce brings you your stuff home. But it had a terrible start to the party and here are a few key milestones that are important in its growth.

First Ecommerce Stores (1984)

The internet didn’t exist officially in the 80’s. The big heads at CERN had already made a prototype of what would be the internet and were using it for their own stuff during this time. So the first ecommerce store was actually on TV, where in England you could order groceries using your landline after seeing the number on the TV. Talk about humble beginnings.

The invention of Web Stores (1990-1991)

The first truly online stores did not arrive until the early 90’s. CERN was finally about to release the WWW protocol in to the world and the tech community was simply ecstatic at what would be possible with it. The invention of hyperlinks in 1991 was the reason all of this was possible and 1991 saw the first arrival of web stores.

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First Web Payment (1994)

The reason ecommerce has gotten so big now and not earlier is due to the rise of online payments. Online payments have gotten secure and fast and barely fail anymore. But things were quite different in the early days of the tech. We came to know ecommerce was possible when in 1994 the first online payment was successfully done to Pizza Hut. Yes, a pizza was the first thing to be payed for online, let that sink in.

Amazon and Ebay (1995)

But even then, ecommerce and online shopping seemed like a pipe dream. There were just too many shackles, not to mention the internet itself was unreliable. But the first signs would arrive when two of the industry’s biggest giants were founded in the same year. 1995 saw the creation of Amazon and Ebay, two companies that would go on to dominate the industry decades later.